The Odyssey and Hamlet

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The Odyssey and Hamlet
(Vengeance and Justice)
In ancient times vengeance and justice was prevalent in literature. I will be discussing the Odyssey and Hamlet during this time period.
In the classic Hamlet there was a lot of justice and seeking going on. Hamlet himself was seeking justice for his father’s death. Hamlets father had come to him as a Ghost and told him that Claudius his brother, had killed him. And this is what started Hamlet to seek justice by going after Claudius. It took time but Hamlet finally got justice for his father’s death. Then you had Laertes who was also in pursuit of justice for his father’s death that was at the hands of Hamlet. Hamlet killed Polonius (Laertes father) thinking he was Claudius hiding behind a curtain. And just like Hamlet was seeking justice for his father’s death, now so was Laertes. But Laertes on the other hand was not as sensitive as Hamlet, he was out for vengeance. He was seeking vengeance and justice.

The Odyssey was a little different; it was a little more vengeance going on than justice. Poseidon was a great example of seeking vengeance. Poseidon constantly seeks vengeance because of his constant punishment. Poseidon punishes Odysseus for making fun of his son by making him loose his ship and his men out at sea. He continues his punishment on Odysseus by sending him all over the sea and watching from a far. Poseidon tried his best to keep him from getting home.

Odysseus was smart he seek-ed vengeance when he had gotten friendly or gotten enemy to believe they were friends. Such as Cyclops he blinds him once he had gotten him drunk, how brilliant is that? Odysseus son Telemachus also experienced some vengeance against the suitors. The suitor had taken over his home and was disrespecting his mother. He was also mad that they did not look to him as a possible leader or next in line as a King. But Telemachus had not become a man just yet, but it didn’t matter to him he just wanted respect.

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