The Odyssey

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Reflective journal 1
The Odyssey
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MB and ME: 23rd January 2014 at 8:30am
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Choose ONE of the following question groups and write a short essay, about 400-600 words in English or 700-900 characters in Chinese.

(* A question may break down into a number of short questions, the aim of the short questions is to help you to understand and answer the question. You do not need to take the short questions literally and answer every one of them. However, please answer the question that asks you to comment or express your views.)

Quotation of Odyssey
State the book number and line number(s) when making a quotation from The Odyssey. For instance, in e.g.(1) below, 23:184-186 means Book 23, Lines 184-186. In e.g.(2), the original line begins with a personal pronoun “she.” To help your reader see that it is Calypso that is referred to in the quoted line, you may insert Calypso’s name by using a pair of square brackets. E.g.(1) Penelope tests her husband by telling her maid to bring the marital bed out from the bedroom (23:184-186) E.g.(2) Odysseus makes his first appearance as a worn-out man: “She [Calypso] found him sitting where the breakers rolled in. His eyes were perpetually wet with tears now, His life draining away in homesickness (5:150-152).”

1. The maturity of Telemachus is one of the main plots of the Odyssey. Take a look at the following two stations and analyze his process of maturity. a. What did Telemachus do as he is introduced at the first time (book 1, 121-341)? What are the signs of his immaturity? Are there any positive features in his character? b. Analyze the passage describing Telemachus’ reunion with his father Odysseus (16. 165-335), how do you see the change of Telemachus? c. One of the important aspects of his maturity is to travel abroad, leaving his home and mother. What do you think about it? Does travel, e.g. studying abroad, help a young person to become more...
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