The Occurrence of Gender Bias in Law School

Topics: Gender, Female, Woman Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Taylor Seda
Reflection Paper 9
Chapter 14 focused on Women in the Legal Profession and the challenges and changes they faced. “The Occurrence of Gender Bias in Law School”, was the subsection that I had enjoyed the most while reading because I thought it was ironic to have gender biases in a setting which both genders had to achieve a certain educational standard to be accepted into the program. From the start Matias explains that feelings of alienation and dissatisfaction with the law school experience affect a number of students. A series of studies were conducted that indicated many female students have experienced the latter treatment from the hands of their faculty along with their fellow male students. Even more interestingly enough another study had shown that 96 percent of third-year female students reported a variety of remarks and behavior by law professors that made the female students found to be demeaning and offensive. Considering I have never been in a situation where I was first hand experiencing these gender biases I question where they come from. I have however experienced a gender bias in a completely different situation where I felt like the males in the situation were demeaning me. In high school there was a certain honors anatomy class and to get into this class you needed to pass a certain test and have had a certain grade point average to be allowed into the course. Although this is not law school this is a similar situation in terms of the feelings the females are dealing with in the law school setting from gender biases. My question here is why that even though these women are making their way into law school just as the males have why are they still at a level below the males? “COMMUNICATIVE ISSUES”

Chapter fifteen, Communication in Health Care Settings, was a chapter full of valuable information. The section that I was most interested in was the Communicative...
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