The Obvious Effects of Fast Food

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20 June 2013
The Obvious Effects of Fast Food
Morgan Spurlock felt a need to raise awareness on obesity and the effects of fast food. In his film Supersize Me, he ate only food from McDonald's three times a day every day for a month. He consumed nearly twice the recommended amount of calories per day. Throughout the experiment, he experienced transient depression, sexual dysfunction, and in one instance a series of heart palpitations. At the end of the month, he had gained twenty-four pounds, a higher blood cholesterol level and fatty infiltration of his liver. In addition, the cost of that month's diet was almost $600. The film addresses fast food's correlation with poor nutrition and health which may be the most detrimental. However, other effects exist in contrast to its popularity such as the effect it has on children, the decrease of interest in whole foods and the increase in the need for instant gratification.

Fast food products are supremely popular; however, they are a nightmare from a nutritional standpoint. Mechanically processed and full of preservatives, they offer very little in terms of the vitamins and minerals that the human body needs. The most obvious effect on health is weight gain. Fast food is very high in fat and sugar, and if eaten frequently, will result in higher body fat ratio. A Whopper from Burger King has the same amount of fat as three-fifths of a stick of butter. Many franchises offer salads that seem like a healthy alternative; however, this changes when a patron opts to add cheese and copious amount of dressing. The high amount of Moore 2

cholesterol in this kind of food will eventually build up throughout the circulatory system. This leads to atherosclerosis which is a narrowing of the artery's inner lumen. Atherosclerosis causes heart attack and stroke, and can also lead to peripheral artery disease.

The high sugar content from sauces and unbleached white flour products...

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