The Objectives of Maintenance Management

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The Objectives of Maintenance Management

Maintenance management can be considered as the direction and organization of resources to control the availability of equipment. The tasks associated with maintenance can be divided into three main areas; work management, plant condition control and cost control.

Work Management
Work management is concerned with the logistics of organizing maintenance and has the following objectives:

* To identify, control and co-ordinate the resources (labor, spare parts, materials and tools) * To ensure that job priorities are correctly allocated
* To locate plant failures or potential failures and provide an appropriate response

Plant Condition Control
Close monitoring and control of the overall plant condition is necessary to achieve a high level of plant availability. Its long-term objectives are:

* To highlight maintenance engineering problems by monitoring plant performance, diagnosing causes and providing effective solutions * To adapt maintenance policy as production requirements change. This should not be restricted to changes in preventive maintenance but should encompass re-design and the application of condition monitoring techniques where appropriate.

Cost Control
The third activity, cost control, is normally operated as part of a company’s budgetary and expenditure control system, primarily for job costing. The objective will be to make use of the available management tools to achieve the improvements in maintenance effectiveness and efficiency.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
A computerized maintenance management system will contain a number of integrated programs or modules to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the maintenance engineering function. In this sense the system is like a set of tools, albeit highly complex and difficult to produce. But with the correct design the system should be easy to use and provide the engineer with all of the information that is required to make better decisions.

The basic modules or component part of the maintenance systems are as follows: * Preventive maintenance
* Asset register
* Maintenance stores system
* Purchasing
* Work order planning and control
* Plant history and analysis

Preventive Maintenance
By preventive maintenance we mean all actions carried out to prevent or pre-empt a failure. These actions can take two forms.

Firstly, there are inspections based or non-intrusive techniques. These will encompass the relatively complex inspection such as vibration monitoring but should also include the basic techniques: look, listen, touch and smell. Often these basic techniques are ignored but should and can form the basis for detecting and preventing failures. The preventive maintenance system should provide the inspector with details on where the work should be done, what the initial values and points to be aware of are and also when the work should be done. To enable the inspector’s time to be used effectively the work list should be output in, for example a route order.

Secondly, preventive maintenance should prompt for services and overhauls on a calendar basis, on hours run or amount of product manufactured. Using preventive maintenance it is possible to have a much better idea of the condition of the equipment and consequently it is possible to increase the percentage of work that can be planned. Early detection of faults will decrease both the number and duration of breakdowns.

Asset Register
This is an inventory of all of the plant, equipment and services for which a manager has responsibility. Repair work that is generated by the preventive maintenance system will in most cases need to be planned and prepared. Consequently it is necessary for the planner to have rapid access to details of the equipment. This includes technical details, serial numbers, location, manufacturer etc. and most important a list of the spare parts used...
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