The Oath

Topics: Problem solving, English-language films, Understanding Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: April 17, 2013

This essay is on the book “The Oath” by Frank Peretti. The character I am choosing is Deputy Tracy Ellis. The three character traits that are shown the most by her in the book are outspoken, understanding and helpful. Tracy shows that she is outspoken in many ways. Since she is a police officer, she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about what she says. For example, when someone says something to offend her, she doesn’t hesitate to say something back that might hurt their feelings, ever if it’s against the rules. She is also outspoken outside of her job. For example, if she is out shopping with her friends and her friend tries something on and they really like it but it looks bad she will tell them. Tracy shows that she has to be understanding in her job and in her personal life. When she is dealing with suspects, victims and witnesses she has to understand everyone. For example, each person(s) will tell their side of the story and she has to understand them all the same and not pick favourites until all the evidence is in. She also understands when her friends and/or family are in a situation and she is there to support them. For example, if her friends’ dog died and they are upset she will understand where they are coming from even though it doesn’t relate to her. She is also very helpful with suspects, victims and/or witnesses in helping them get through things. For example, if they are scared because of what happened, she will help them get through their problems and always be there for them if they need someone to talk. She is also helpful in solving problems easy or hard. For example, if she needs to help solve something and it’s hard, she will continue to work until it is solved. These are the three character traits that show she is a good character.
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