The Nutcracker

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The Nutcracker

The first ballet we watched was Matthew Bourne’s The Nutcracker! This ballet was made in 2003 and was the contemporary version of the original version of The Nutcracker because they are in an orphanage. The second ballet we watched was Barishnikov’s “The Nutcracker.” This is based on the original version of The Nutcracker and was made in 1977. Even though both ballets are different versions they still used the same composer which is Tchaikovsky. For instance, when the variations are dancing both of the ballets play the same music, but have very different costumes and dances. This is just one example of how the two ballets differ from each other.

In Matthew Bourne’s The Nutcracker! the variation for Spain was doughnuts and pastries. The girl dancer wore a black long dress with colorful doughnuts on it, and she did not wear ballet shoes. The guy dancer wore a black and neon pink matador style costume. The two did a flamenco dance for this variation. Then in Barishnikov’s version of the Spain variation they were hot chocolate instead, but the guy dancer still had the matador style costume with the color orange. As for the girl dancer she also had the matador style dress and an orange tutu with ballet shoes. They both had a lot of footwork in their dance and I saw lots of releve. The similarities between the two are not much but the basic style of both costumes and dances show that they are from Spain.

There are four dances that are important in both of the ballets the first is the Marzipan dance. In the Matthew Bourne’s version this song is played when Princess Sugar is getting ready to get married, but she is having debating herself if she should get married or not. After the song she gets married. In Barishnikov’s version the Marzipan song is played when Sweden is doing their variation. The girl dancer wore a big yellow tutu and had a blue basket weave designed top. The guy dancer wore a yellow basket weave top and had a...
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