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Hypocrisy Addressed
Our phone calls are all recorded by our cell phone companies. This helps them know if they need to charge for international fees, roaming charges, etc. However, in the last few years people have found themselves up in arms over how this information should be used and who should have access to it. What we commonly see happen, however, is that people expect privacy in terms of their phone records that they really have no reason to expect. The information that phone companies collect is transmitted over the internet and we have all been told that nothing we put on the internet is private. The problem, then, is that the information we receive about our phone and internet privacy is conflicting. What might citizens ask for in order to feel safe from terrorism and hacking while still being able to maintain some about of privacy when we’re asked to give away our information every time we log on? One step might be to develop a way to limit which organizations and people are allowed to request certain personal information, such as social security numbers, over the internet. While malevolent hackers and terror groups will always be a threat to internet users and their security, Americans could feel their privacy increased if there were legislation that limits the kinds of information businesses and groups can request over the internet.

In his article, “The President and the NSA,” Geoffrey Stone discusses the NSA and the new provisions that were recommended to President Obama in order to rectify any public misgivings. One of the first things he touches on is the desire of the government to “reconcile our deep commitments to both liberty and security” (Stone). Later in the article, Stone discusses the idea of “National Security Letters,” which allows the FBI to move quickly in obtaining information that can help address possible threats to homeland security without...
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