The Notorious Business Professor SP 2015

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Case Study The Notorious Business Professor
As the Dean of a business school, you are faced with a young business school professor who is affecting the department. He is competing for tenure and you will need to make this decision in the near future. He has several positive and negative characteristics that you need to weigh in making a tenure decision; you are scheduled to meet with him about how he can improve his chances of being granted tenure. This case can be used to illustrate the components of the LFS (Interactional Framework) model. The chapters on power and influence, leadership traits, and leadership behaviors are all relevant.


The Notorious Business Professor

Steve is one of eight professors in the business school at a large, public university. His job responsibilities include teaching two classes per semester, developing a management research program, and advising and developing PhD candidates. He has been at the school for five years and has worked extremely hard to get tenure. Student ratings of his undergraduate classes are fairly solid; most students rated Steve as being an above average teacher in terms of their enjoyment, his level of knowledge, and his ability to stimulate critical thinking in class. Steve has already published several articles in some of the top management journals and has won several prestigious awards for outstanding research. Because of his research, Steve is on the fast track to becoming one of the top researchers in his field and already has a national reputation for his work. However, Steve has had a woeful track record with respect to developing and graduating PhD candidates. Steve has yet to be on a PhD dissertation committee or be an advisor to any PhD candidate in the program.

As the dean of the business school, you believe Steve's problems with attracting and graduating PhD candidates may stem from a number of factors. First, Steve does not believe the business school nor the PhD...
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