The Notebook Book Review

Topics: Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook, Marriage Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: October 20, 2010
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October 20. 2010


Set in 1946 in North Carolina. The Notebook was a wonderful story that shows the love-lost-found story by Nicholas Sparks. This book was published 1996. A Fifteen year old, Allie Nelson is visiting a small town at New Bern. She met Noah at a carnival and they started to date. They spent wonderful summer together. He always tells Allie about the house he had been dreaming of buying. The first chapter is narrated by male protagonist Noah Calhoun in the present day at Creek side Extended Care Facility living in with Allie at the age of eighty six. Then on the other chapters it takes back the reader to the early days when Noah and Allie met each other and how they face each struggles they had. First, they had to face the pressures between Allie’s parents and him because of their social positions in life. They think that Noah is not enough for their daughter. Second, They had to face their separation for 14 years in which Noah bought his dream house at New Bern and Allie was engaged with a guy named Lon but she’s not sure of marrying him because of Noah. Allie knows that he is only his second priority and his first priority is his career being a lawyer. They both go through many changes but in the end their love brings them back together. The end of the story goes back to Noah in the present for sharing his story with Allie who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The novel is straightforward and it is written very simplistically. Nicholas Sparks used beautiful metaphors and symbols to highlight. The entire text focuses on these dedications love, wife, and friend in which the important person in Nicholas Sparks’ life. The Notebook is dedicated for Cathy. Sparks admitted that the novel is from his own family history and confirms for the entire reading the significance of his wife in his own life. Apparently, The Notebook is not only a story of Allie and Noah but also the love...
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