The Notebook

Topics: Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook, Marriage Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: February 6, 2007
Log Entry 2
Many have seen the movie "The Notebook," based on Nicholas Sparks' novel. Regardless, you have to read the book. It's one of the best I've read recently. It's filled with many scenes the movie didn't include. The story, set in the '40s, follows Noah and Allie, two people once in love. It starts off with Noah and Allie being in a Nursing home and Noah reading to Allie from a notebook, little did Allie know that, the story Noah is reading is actually about them... During a summer when Allie was at her summer home, she had met Noah at a carnival, because her parents did not approve of his lack of money, they took Allie away from Noah, and moved back home. Through the next couple of years Allie became engaged to another man, she makes a surprise visit to her hometown in North Carolina. After seeing a picture in a paper of Noah with the house that he had promised her, It wasn't until she arrived that she was finally honest with herself. After the two reunite, Noah wonders how he could've ever let Allie go. He knows he must do whatever it takes to win her love back. In the end of Noah reading this notebook to Allie, she remembers Noah, later that night they both die together in there sleep. This Novel was actually based on a true story, the authors wife (Nicholas Sparks) Grandparents. It was truly true love right down to the end.
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