The Nightmare Before Christmas Film

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Final film Critique
Introduction to Film English 225
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The movie I chose to critique is Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The story is an animated musical that puts in a world where Halloween is always celebrated but also gives you a brighter side of the joy in the Christmas holiday. Although the movie is not directed by Tim Burton, Henry Selick brings an animated holiday musical to the big screen. Unlike other holiday movies like Rudolph the Red nose reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. The Nightmare before Christmas has a wide variety of misfit characters and scenarios that may not be very holiday friendly to the younger audience. For example there is a scene where Jack the Skellington (the pumpkin king) wants to kidnap “santy claus” and take over Christmas day. Jack is the main character that has many ideas for Christmas and means well but are not always the best plans. With Tim Burton’s ideas, Henry Selick took Tim’s ideas and visions and was able to bring the creative vision and imaginative characters, sketches and drawings and bring them alive and vibrant. In 1993 “The Nightmare before Christmas” became a legendary masterwork with great animation, songwriting and storytelling.

“The Nightmare before Christmas” tells a story of a Pumpkin king named Jack Skellington from Halloween Town. That finds a magical portal that opens into the town of Christmas. Jack has never seen this town before or has not a clue what Christmas is. Being bored “with the same ol things” Jack decides he wants to celebrate Christmas and also include the citizens of Halloween Town. Halloween town is filled with of course Halloween monsters, Vampires, werewolves, goblins, witches, ghosts and other unidentified monsters. Jack is the leader that brings the Halloween Town citizens altogether for a big celebration on Halloween. Unfortunately as much as Jack loves Halloween and loves the participation of the citizens he is getting tired and bored of the same celebration and ordinary tradition. Jack strays into a forest, outside of Halloween town where he finds trees with doors engraved with different symbols; The symbols are of different holidays such as Halloween, Easter and Christmas. Jack accidentally falls in to the Christmas door where he falls into a mountain of snow. Jack breaks out into what I think are most famous song of the movie “what’s this”. Jack is excited of the look and feel of Christmas. A very excited Jack skellington then goes back to Halloween Town to tell the citizens what he has discovered. The citizens listen to Jack but there not completely on the same page as him with celebrating Christmas. Some of the citizens even compare the celebration of Christmas to their Halloween celebration. Not really minding what the citizens Jack goes ahead with his plan to try to take over Christmas. Jack becomes incredibly obsessed with Christmas to the point where he wants to take over Santa Claus’ job. Jack gives the citizens of Halloween Town specific task in order to make is his plan a successful one. Sally, a female rag doll that was created by a crazy scientist by the name of Doctor Finklestein is attracted to Jack. Sally is the only one that thinks Jack’s plan to take over the Christmas holiday is going to be wrong and his plans are not going to go as well. Jack then assigns Lock , shock and Barrel to kidnap Santa Claus and bring him back to Halloween Town. The three kids mess up and end up first bring back the Easter bunny. Against Jack’s orders Lock, Shock and barrel bring Santa Claus to Oogie Boogie. Oogie Boogie likes to gamble and plays a game risking Santa Claus’ life. Christmas Eve rolls around and Sally tries to stop Jack with going through with his plans. Sally uses fog to try to make it harder for him to fly on his coffin sleigh which was not pulled by reindeer but by a ghost dog named Zero. Jack , starts to deliver presents to all the children around the world sadly the...
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