The Night a Diva Was Born

Topics: LGBT, Homosexuality, Bisexuality Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: January 9, 2013
A performer is always connected to their audience and this is evidence through the response the emotion and complete joy on their faces. The relationship between a Diva and her gay fans is a lifetime of dramatic admiration. When you think of any female iconic performer chances are a large male gay audience loves them. Not just love but also completely is a part of their life in there head. For me the relationship between me and my gay fans all blossomed on a cold night in 1995 in New York City at the ROXY.

Wearing a long purple dress and large feather jacket and my face made up in the most gorgeous colors of makeup and glitter all over my body I slowly approached the crowd in the dark. As I sang the first 3 words “Love Life & Laughter” the crowd went into frenzy like I had never heard before it was the roar of emotion the rippled through my heart like tsunami wave. With every move every glance every freeze turn and pose they seemed to be on a euphoric high of emotion. I was experiencing in that moment what being a Diva feels like. As I sang with pure emotional power and melody I could hear them singing along to every word their hands were in the air and never ever came down through the whole 5 minutes of the song. I was experiencing something new this type of admiration was new to me and I really was amazed by who this admiration came from. Being raised by a Baptist minister I never really knew what the word Gay Icon or Diva really meant all I know is within 5 minutes of singing that NYC crowd of 2000 gay man gave me a new title.

Here I am a small town little preachers daughter with a voice that was developed in church and pretty much only used for singing about God has now written a song not only a song but something they call a Gay Anthem. How this sing was crowned this title I really don’t know but as it turned out this is the song many of those gay males that were standing in the night club in 1995 were just coming out the closet and something...
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