The Night of the Battle

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Grendel’s perspective of the battle.

The night of the battle I rose from the mist of the moors making my way to the Great hall. I ripped the great door off the hinges seeking innocent souls to fill my bloodlust. From what I could see everyone was in deep slumber so I grabbed a warrior to make him my snack , my intention was to devour all in sight. As I advanced toward the next warrior Beowulf , my only thought was how good his blood must taste and how easy it will be to devour him. But much to my surprise this was no ordinary may, he had the strength of thirty in his grip . I howled and shrieked in frightful pain as he held onto my arm not letting go. My mind was racing this man was like no other I had met my match in the worst way possible. I could not shake him off. I tried to retreat, howling in agony such a howl that struck fear into men’s hearts, but Beowulf kept hold. I howled for him to let go but his hatred of me ran deep and he held fast. His men came at me with swords but I knew that no sword could kill me as many years before I had conjured a charm to protect myself. I wrestled with Beowulf, benches shattered, windows smashed, the sounds of our struggle could be heard across the land and in the next world. Just when I thought I could not endure any more agony, Beowulf tore off my arm, blood poured out and bone was exposed. The pain was like fire and I ran defeated to my lair in the marshes where I now lie as life leaves me. In the distance I can hear the celebrations. I should have never made the trip that night, I look back over my life as it is ending and all I see is loneliness and suffering. Was it my fault I was born a pathetic creature cast out and alone, jealous of others and their happiness? I took my bitter revenge and now I must pay the price. for I Grendel the evil monster was defeated and left to die alone.

Kadeisha Crewe
Ms Church
A Monsters Lesson 06 A Different perspective
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