The night of Halloween

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The Night Before Halloween

“It was the night before Halloween we were all getting ready for the schools annual halloween party, which i’ve been going to since I could go. My friends and I are going to be vampires. When my friends get here we are going to walk to the school. I should tell you before i go that there is this house on my street which is believed to be Haunted. I have heard from some of the teacher that three kids went in there and never came out.”

.....Incoming call......
“ Meet me at the old farm house, the night before Halloween. At 12:00 exactly. if you are the one then you know where it is. Don’t tell anyone. Bring your closes friends, but don’t tell your MOther, or else.” “ I’m watching you.”

..... End of Call.......

Two Days till Halloween. My Friends are here. I told my mother that we are going to the school for the Halloween party but really we are going to The old farm house to see what that person whats with us. The Phone call he gave me was so creepy I just didn’t know how to respond with that. I have been thinking about telling the police but he said don’t tell anyone not even your mother or else. I was thinking about the or else part wondering what it meant. LIke would he hurt my mother or me or my friends. I’m not sure, but what i am sure of is that he gives me the creeps. Have you heard the saying “ Don’t want to meet them in a dark alley.” Well thats exactly what i am doing pretty much. It’s scary to think of but i got to do what I got to do.

THE DAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN. TONIGHT I HAVE to goto THE FARM HOUSE TO MEET THE PHONE CALLING GUY, TO SEE WHAT HE WANTS. I’M SO scared to meet him and see what he wants. 10:00, I have two hours till i have to meet him.

11:50. My friends are here we are ready to go. i am shaking well we are walking to the house. My friends are right by my side. As we head towards the house i see a light go on and i feel like turning back. we have to go in. as we walk in we hear someone...
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