The night Hazel came to town

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Lee is a very exciting and interesting character in this novel. This character goes through a lot in his life. As the character goes through this novel, he starts to figure out his future and a possible career that he can approach soon enough. This character called Lee has many different types of traits, but the most important and attracting ones are: problem solver, miserable and helpful.

The first trait that describes Lee is a problem solver. Lee has been a very good problem solver throughout the novel, but the ones that really attracted my attention are listed below in order. Firstly, Lee wanted to get to Toronto. So he thought about this idea for about a week. He asked his dad about going to Toronto and his dad approved it, but now how is he going to get to Toronto? He fortunately found a way to get to Toronto, "All I got is 50 bucks; I could definitely take care of myself and the ticket itself, until I get settled in Toronto..." (Ibbitson, 8), he said. This quotation shows that he solved the problem, by using his saved up money, without using anymore or borrowing anymore money. He calculated it all out and he found out that the 50 dollars will be enough to get settled in Toronto, until he finds a job. Now, when Lee was at the Toronto's train station with some other bunch of people, he asked some of these people, where he could find a job for his age. One person responded to him, "The Toronto telegram doesn't know it yet, but one of their copy boys ain't showin' up for work tomorrow morning... You show up tomorrow, they'll be looking for someone." (Ibbitson, 13). This explains how Lee is a great problem solver, when it comes to settling in Toronto. This means that Lee has started to look for a job, right after he reached Toronto, by asking some random guy if he knows a place where they could be hiring and simply that guy told Lee a possibility where he could find a job. My third important trait about Lee is when he wanted to find a place to settle in,...

Bibliography: Ibbitson, John. The Night Hazel Came to Town. Published in Canada: no publishing company, 1993.
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