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Reasons for Exploring the New World

Some historians have stated that, “Although the many different explorers from Portugal ,Spain and England were very important in the discovery and the settlement of the new world, their efforts would have been unsuccessful unless a number of political, religious, economic, and social events had taken place prior to their explorations. I agree that their efforts would have been unsuccessful without the prior events had taken place. The reasons why I support this are without religious events protestant groups would rebel because they do not have the freedom to worship their own god, without economic events they would not have bought new land for “indentured servants” to work at, and without social events the countries would have suffered in disease, famine, warfare.

Searching for gold and silver and other precious metals is very important to sustain life in all countries. Without it there would be no currency to trade, or any weapons or miscellaneous items to help in everyday jobs like farming, or mining. Countries needed to send people to America to work and live there to obtain these goods. Also with discovering America countries obtained new land which expanded their empires for more power and wealth. Coming to America opened up new trades and business opportunities for merchants. Other than economic reasons social reasons also is important.

Life in all countries has disease, warfare and famine. If people didn’t expand they would die from starvation because of not having enough food. People need to have more land so they can grow crops. Warfare is everywhere and countries need to take over new lands to grow their population to defend themselves against other threats. Disease is a big factor in death in the world and if people didn’t move away from it, it would wipe that population out, so finding America gave people a place to escape from disease and live their lives. Also like social events, religion is a...
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