the new perception of sexism

Topics: Physical attractiveness, Sexual attraction, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (1125 words) Published: April 21, 2014

The new perception of sexiness and charm

The companies are advertising the women’s body and exposing it in an inappropriate way and that by using thin and sexy hot female bodies to attract people and get their attention to buy their product. The word created a vision of sexiness and beauty relating them to thinness so most models in magazines, commercials are thin and beautiful and that makes women all over the world feel bad about their bodies and start looking for ways to lose weight and look sexy. The commercial of rebel fleur by Rihanna is meant to evoke the rebellious and the flowery innocent side of the celebrity, as she moves from a pure and innocent environment of pink feather and purity to an environment of darkness and sexuality. The commercial is trying to blind women and make them believe that everything about them is related to their sexuality so that they buy the perfume, letting them believe that it will make them move from the innocent little girls that they are to a more powerful and dominant women who can get whoever they want. And that changes the woman’s view to herself and to her body as mainly related to her sexuality.

In the first part of the commercial of reb’l fleur, Rihanna was wearing a pink dress and was laying down on a pink feather bed looking all cute and innocent. we had a feeling of purity. even the music was calm and pure, the light was bright, the colors were summary. It gave the audience a feeling of safety and happiness even the nature was moving along with the moves of her body, she controlled the entire environment. All the elements of ethos and pathos were used to make the targeted audience which is women get attracted and interested by the product.

First of all, they used a popular celebrity that everyone knows and admire, RIHANNA who is also the owner of the perfume. She is successful, she is thin, she’s hot and lot of women would love to be like her. So getting them to...

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