The New Old Days

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Sociology Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: October 7, 2008
Sometimes I bug some of the older members of my family about the old days. After all they are called the “old days” for a reason. But my grandparents insist on thinking that things were a whole lot better back then. I can’t imagine gathering the family around an old radio to catch the latest Joe Louis fight when I have a fifty inch high definition plasma TV with pay per view, hot wings and a big bowl of chips and salsa waiting for me. Sitting around a radio listening to a broadcast just doesn’t seem appealing to me. I know though that my grandparents would be fully capable and willing to listening. The world they live in has truly become a world of the past. Technology has evolved our way of thinking and living from moment to moment. Take the automobile for instance. Sure we take them for granted now. But in the old days your gas guzzling, eight passenger over price SUV was a crammed wagon, and a pinto horse named Sarah. But it was folk’s pride and joy. It was quite simple making do with what was available. Who would think that something as simple as indoor plumbing could change our perspective on what comfort is. Modern life not only provides such comfort, but in most cases it provides that comfort with additional bathrooms. Some of the stories of the old days are unimaginable for modern life. Little things like music artists now seem comical when compared to today’s superstars. My grandparents are quick to defend their generation with the famous saying: “back then music was music”, and for the most part they are right. Technology has all but eliminated the need for instruments. Even the worst vocalist can sing like the wind with a punch of a couple of buttons. I often wonder if modern life has spoiled my generation. But then I think about such things that are considered necessities, such as our modern day ability to produce food at a tremendous rate. In the old days farming was very time consuming, and everyone in the family helped out with it. It’s...
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