The New Medical City

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The Medical City: Leading Change In A Changing Organization

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MBA 2018: Business Management
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Dr. Melanie B. De Ocampo


Christine R. Cueva
Therese Regla-Marie Y. Espina

July 14, 2011
I. Statement of the Problem

How does The Medical City lead the organizational development and transformation program towards a new state-of-the-art facility that better aligns their values and vision with their institutional imperatives of putting patients on center stage and providing service of greater worth?

II. Objectives

• Identify the changes – physical and organizational – giving rise to the new Medical City. • Design and implement an organizational development and transformation program that will streamline the ongoing change of achieving a quantum improvement in the hospital’s operations and corporate performance. • Formulate a new vision, mission that define the values of the new facility and the range of services being offered. • Directly involve the human resource as its ultimate collaborator in visualizing and designing the ideal work processes and departmental layouts. • Harmonize the organizational culture.

III. Case Questions/Analysis

Is the Medical City on Ortigas Avenue really new? Why or Why Not? The physical facilities and organizational structure of the hospital complex of The Medical City on Ortigas avenue is new. It is a 100% improvement over the old hospital. Along with the physical changes, the management also upgraded the quality of service they provide to their clients so it coincides with their new vision and mission. It signifies the organization’s renewed commitment towards providing superior health care to individual patients, even as it offers itself as a national resource, to be engaged in the pursuit of social reform and equitable development. The transformation of The Medical City is not only aesthetic, In the last few years, together with the construction of the new site, The Medical City has embarked on an ambitious organizational development and transformation program – an enterprise to clarify institutional vision and values, and enliven these in the structures, systems, processes and culture of The Medical City.

What type of leader is Dr. Bengzon? Does he fit into any existing model of leadership?

Dr. Bengzon displays the attitude of a transformational leader who motivates his team to be effective and efficient. He asses his people by pushing them to the edge and help them realize their full potential. He focuses on the big picture, needing to be surrounded by people who take care of the details. Transformational leaders have the ability to inspire and motivate their followers beyond their job description. This is how he is being described in the case. He seeks to bring change in his environment by listening and identifying ways on how to improve the situation of the organization. He has transformed the institution into a world-class healthcare complex offering excellent services and top of the line facilities, an end result to a very well thought of organizational development and transformation plan under his guidance. As leader, he is always looking for ideas that move the organization to reach the company's vision. He focuses on the Total Quality Management philosophy, devoted to continual improvement and responsiveness to customer needs and expectations. He has an intense focus on the client, the patients, putting them on the center stage of the organization. He is process focused, has a concern for continual improvement of the quality of everything the organization does and empowers his employees. Aside from Dr. Bengzon, Managers both from the medical and administrative departments were identified as leaders of the change program, they...
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