The New Kingdom Egypt

Topics: Thutmose III, Ancient Egypt, Hatshepsut Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: July 31, 2010
“Evaluate the impact of ONE pharaoh to the development of New Kingdom Egypt”

Thutmose III

Thutmose III gained the throne from his father Thutmose II, but was considered to be not old enough to reign and as a result Hatshepsut, his stepmother became the regent and eventually became came co-pharaoh with Thutmose III, he reigned for just under 55 years, reigned from 1479-1425 BC. When Hatshepsut died in 1458, it meant that Thutmose could step forward and take the reigns on his own; it was at this time that he began what was to be considered one of the most successful military reigns of the dynasty if not in all of Egypt’s history. Over this period Thutmose had both strong internal developments and a successful foreign policy in which he extended the Egyptian borders. He was so successful at his military campaigns that he was referred to as the “Napoleon of Egypt” by J.H. Breasted, an American Egyptologist.

The foreign policy of Thutmose was considered to be very strong by most historians, he was often referred to as the Warrior Pharaoh, and during his reign he had a total of 17 campaigns, all of which were successful. The key campaigns in Thutmose’s were the victory at Megiddo, in his 23rd year of reign, the capture of Kadesh in 30th year, his 8th campaign when he invaded Naharin and captured Carchamesh and erected a stela next to that of his grandfathers at the Euphrates, his 10th campaign to defeat the Naharin in his 35th year and in his 42nd year his 17th campaign which resulted in a second victory at Kadesh. These military successes were beneficial to Egypt in multiple ways; it meant that Egypt had a much larger border under its control, which both showed that it was a strong military power to be feared and that they had a steady income of tribute from conquered areas. Thutmose was known for his military prowess, a few examples of this is when his troops needed to be moved north, he sent them up by using boats instead of marching, this meant that...
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