The New Imperialism: Motives and Methods

Topics: Africa, Colonialism, British Empire Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: February 24, 2014
The New Imperialism (1869-1914) Chapter 27 Outline
I. The New Imperialism: Motives and Methods
A. Political Motives
-Powers of the 19 the century realized the great political importance of colonizationand the need to protect their overseas assets. Countries like Great Britain,France, Portugal, and Belgium embraced the ideas of imperialism and colonizedareas not only to gain resources, but also to show political and military strengtharound the world. They would also settle areas around their vital colonies in order to protect their important colonies. Soon these countries realized that it waseasier to conquer the local populations instead of trying to make peace withthem, changing the way the settled areas. Colonial officials seized land just sothat rivals could not use the land, gaining more land for their home country yetforcing the indigenous population away, and telling their government afterward. B.Cultural Motivations

-Not only was there a new renewal of the Christian mission effort, but also a needto spread “civilization” to “barbaric” areas of the world. They felt the need to teachthe indigenous peoples of the places they settled proper social standards of hygiene, education, marriage, etc.-Many of the people who served as missionaries were women who served asnurses and teachers; they joined these mission societies hoping to gain moreauthority and autonomy than they could get at home. These women helped tosoften the harsh colonial rule by calling attention to important issues likematernity C. Economic Motives

-Because of the Industrial revolution, demand for raw materials was at an all timehigh. Copper was needed for wire, coal for fuel, tin for cans, steel for structures,and or course gold and silver. Demands for certain crops were high too; businessowners needed rubber, tobacco, cotton, sugar, coffee, and tea to sell and use inthe new industrial markets. D. The Tools of the Imperialists

-The industrial revolution gave Europeans for the first time,...
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