The New Girl by Marc Mitchell

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The New Girl by Marc Mitchell

In this essay I will write a brief summary of the short story “The New Girl”, written by Marc Mitchell, an author from Florence, Alabama. I will continue by characterizing the narrator and discuss the reasoning behind Allison’s behaviour and narrator’s response (which will be included in his characterisation).

The story takes place on Prospect Street, a white, lower-middle-class neighbourhood, where there are old houses aplenty. It’s a hot, bright day, and Allison, the narrator’s best friend, and the narrator were the only kids on the block. Therefore they were best friends ‘by default’, as he puts it. Allison is 10 and the narrator is 8, he looks up to Allison. We are informed that the children spent their Summer riding their bikes, playing board-games and pretending to be married, although the narrator doesn’t know if Allison actually likes him, or if he actually liked her. But of course, there was no-one else to play with. The story continues with the narrator telling us that the story is a memory of a conversation that he will never forget. The narrator spies a younger girl in the middle of the road on her bike, and concludes that she and her family must have just moved in the newly available house across the street from Allison’s. The narrator almost collides with Allison and looks up to see the new girl standing before him. He grins at the smiling girl and says hi. Allison stops and says, “Get out of here, nigger,” to which the girl just smiles. Allison dismounts and goes over to the little girl, “I said get out of here, nigger, or I’ll beat you up.” To this, the girl’s smile disappears, along with the narrator’s. He sees Allison has an angry expression and attempts to imitate it, but avoids looking at the girl’s eyes. That is the end of the story.

The narrator is eight years old and there is a big chance that he is of the male gender, as he doesn’t share Allison’s interests in Barbies and he pretends to be married to...
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