The New Frontier for Fresh Foods Supermarkets
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Fresh Direct
Sheila Simmons
MGT400 Manager People for Performance
Argosy University Online
February 13, 2013

Direct food is an online order taker for the delivery of fresh goods to their customers. They promise to provide delivery to their customers at next day. They are operating in more than 48 states in U.S.A. in New York, they came with the saying "the new way to shop for food." as they are providing online business, they do not have to pay for the rent for the land. The quality obtained by SAP software. They are highly dealing on cleanliness, healthy and safety. They are meeting the highly customer quality demands.
Fresh Direct collaborated with Automation Associates, Inc. (AAI), a leading provider of simulation solutions for the global supply chain, to help build and improve operations efficiency in, Long Island City, New York.
AAI's current project enables Fresh Direct to determine ultimate capacity of its current facility and establish metrics that will signal need for a second location. With its simulation software, AAI will assist Fresh Direct with detailed performance analysis for the facility design, including all internal product movement, packing and shipping equipment, and activities.
According to Randall Gibson, president and founder of AAI, by continuously working with a client, AAI can create a fluid model and adjust it for the client's operational changes and growth. Fresh Direct clearly appreciates this value and relies on simulation modeling and analysis as a strategic operations planning tool. With our latest modeling efforts, Fresh Direct will be able to determine specific facility upgrades that can double the total daily order volume.
The strengths and weaknesses in reference to the company’s diversity initiatives are
• Political Factors-Fresh Directs performance is influence by political and legislative conditions in those countries, including the European Union (EU). For labor law, the government encourages

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