The New Dependency Theory

Topics: Addiction, Dependency theory, Middle class Pages: 2 (1191 words) Published: March 23, 2015
Marghi Jani
Original Oratory
April 21, 2014
The New Dependency Theory (8:42 time)
In today; society, most of what we do revolves around one sole concept—the one in which tiny electrons flow through a rubber encased wire to transmit certain signals in which as a result give us the pleasure of communications. This is my definition of what is perceived, but others may call it technology. Albert Einstein once said, “[that] if we become something else, we will no longer represent our true selves.” Today our true selves are comprised of selfies, uploading pictures of your latest mac and cheese burger onto Instagram, and posting endless reviews about some movie that you probably never even watched.

However, the fact that infuriates so many people around the world is the blank expression they receive when they claim that they don’t have an Instagram, a kik, or even the latest app. New social trends seem to fall together into classifying typical high school hierarchy with the following—either you have the newest, latest materialistic item, or you don’t. Our addiction causes problems for our families; they influence us to do many unusual things, and the social hierarchy has been corrupted, not preferably in my direction though. Furthermore, much like Rostow’s dependency theories where if one countries provides too much or too little for another, then they will be forevermore dependent on another country; yet, today I would like to introduce a new dependency theory, the one in which if we spend too much of our time with our phones, the earth will shatter and break into tiny little pieces, quite literally.

So first let’s take a look at the study to be published in the journal Cyber psychology, Behavior and Social Networking, researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia subjected 173 college students to tests measuring risk for problematic Internet and gambling behaviors. About 5 percent of the students showed signs of gambling problems, but 10 percent...
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