The New Deal for Communities Approach

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Involving local residents is a feature of the New Deal for Communities approach. Discuss the advantages and the challenges of involving local people in the running of community health projects.

Under the New Deal for Communities initiative Thornhill plus you secured funding for renewal of the Thornhill area. The aims are to reduce social exclusion and improve people’s quality of life. I will discuss some of the advantages and challenges of involving local people in the running of community health projects.

Dave Kellet is a Thornhill plus you director who believes that if you have local involvement in Thornhill plus you then it is going to work better. Dave Kellet explained that the government set out five target areas to regenerate communities as follows; Improve people’s health, increase educational achievement and skills, improve housing and the physical environment, increase the number of people in work and reduce crime. Thornhill is an area where there are people who are at risk of social isolation and it also has twenty-five percent workless rate. The environment itself was unpopular, as there were burnt out cars and no safe areas for children to play. Asides from the involvement of local residents being a government requirement, there are other good reasons, which bring benefit to the community projects and the people. There are a majority of local residents on the Thornhill plus you board this means that a sense of ownership, community spirit and pride in the community can be adopted. If local residents believe the project was going to bring benefits to their community and to them, then the people are more likely to try to make it work. The residents have identified health and well being needs in their own community, which include improving physical and mental health, improving access to services, reducing teenage pregnancy, encouraging healthy eating and smoking cessation support. The Thornhill Health and Wellbeing Project THAWP have two local...
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