The Neighbor

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Walking, Man Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: February 26, 2013
It was early seven O’clock that Monday morning. Mia was getting ready to school, when she hears a load noise outside her bedroom window. As Mia goes to look out her window she sees a man getting off a black and silver two thousand eleven Harley Davidson motorcycle. The man in his mid-thirty’s slim and handsome. Mia’s little brother Kyle then barges into her bedroom and says, ’’That’s our new neighbor.’’ ‘’I can see that.’’ Mia says. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP Mias alarm clock goes off. She quickly runs to turns it off. She goes downstairs swiftly goes to the kitchen, and grabs a banana and a granola bar, and heads out the door, for her fifteen minute walk to school. Mia prefers to get some exercise in the morning if it’s not raining the she takes the bus with her brother. Before she got down the front steps of the house her brother Kyle stops her and says, ’’Don’t you think we should go say hello to the new guy?’’ Mia turns looks at Kyle and says, ‘’No were going to be late for school anyways.’’ Her brother doesn’t listen as usual. Mia knew if she didn’t get going she would be late and she wasn’t going to be late because of her want to be noisy little brother. As Mia walks her fifteen minutes to school, she sees her friend Shelby and hurries up so they can walk the rest of the way together. When Shelby and Mia get there Shelby looks at Mia and says, ’’Who is your brothers’ friend?’’ Mia has a strange look on her face and said, ‘’ He isn’t and he’s our new next door neighbor.’’ Mia walks over to see that her brother got a ride on that guys’ motorcycle. She wondered why he gave her obnoxious little brother a ride. Then the man says, ‘’Hi my name is Jared I just moved here we didn’t seem to get a chance to meet this morning.’’ Mia says, ‘’Yes I know had to get to school.’’ Then Jared looks at her and extends his hand to Mia. Mia shyly extends hers. Jared’s hands felt awkwardly hairy. Then as Mia pulls her hand back and starts to walk away she hears a voice in her head that...
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