The Negro Speaks of Rivers

Topics: Langston Hughes, African American, W. E. B. Du Bois Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: June 9, 2009
The Negro Speaks of Rivers.
The perpetual hardships of African American people constantly fueled by the soul-searching and identity complexities have always been an integral part of the African American mental concept troubled by the eternal quest for complacency and inner peace.Nevertheless,it was not always easy to articulate this quest for one's own identity due to the perpetual influences of the dominant white cultural which efficiently managed to subdue all the 'minor voices' which unsuccessfully attempted to emerge from the darkness and shadows of identity entrapment.Subsequently, it took a long time for particular voices to emerge and to overpower the mental obstacles and chains of ignorance which disabled the spiritual African-American voices to celebrate their own culture,history,identity and consequently existence. The emergence of the Harlem Renaissance symbolize the dawn of a new era which opened up the gates of liberation through celebration of African-American past and and the present.One of the most prominent examples of this tendency to expose the cultural darkness can be found in Langston Hughes' poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers,which delineates a compelling and yet honest poetic structure nurtured in the deepest corners of human soul.Hughes, one of the most prominent characters of The Harlem Renaissance, writes a short poem which seemingly depicts his knowledge of rivers and his tendency to praise them.Nevertheless,the the truth of this poem lies much more deeper and it is driven by the empathy and compassion in the purest of all forms.The dark history of African American people has always been inevitably associated with the concept of 'river,and Hughes,uses this symbol to illuminate certain historical facts about his people which were evident, rarely discussed and often suffocated which was a characteristic of his era,as well as those centuries before him.Langston Hughes masterfully uses his voice to compensate for the history of subdued and...
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