The Negotiator Analysis

Topics: Frederick Forsyth, Soviet Union, Federal government of the United States Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: May 7, 2013
”Over brandy and coffee Miller guided their thoughts to the notion of John Cormack’s continued occupation of the Oval Office. ‘He has to go’, intoned Miller.

Literary analysis of ‘The Negotiator’ written by Frederick Forsyth This book was written back in 1989, the year before The Fall of the Berlin Wall, and two years before Soviet Union seized to exist. Oil is hard to come by in both America and in The Soviet Union, Texan oil tycoon Cyrus V. Miller gets handed a report, containing information of enormous oil supplies in the Middle East, these would be of great value to the US, if brought under their control. But to do this it is Millers belief that John Cormack has to go. Simon Cormack is studying a year overseas, attending Oxford University, while out on his morning run, men in black tracksuits and masks, carrying automatic weapons jumps out of a van, shoots Simon’s bodyguards and kidnaps Simon. Quinn, a world-class negotiator is hired to negotiate the safe return of Simon Cormack. What he doesn’t know is what the kidnappers truly want, they fool him into believing it is money, but in fact their real objective is to render the President useless, by breaking him down psychologically and emotionally. Of course there are quite a few movies and television series similar to the Novel “The Negotiator”, but I haven’t seen any as good. It’s a very common theme with high-profile kidnappings in movies, and this tends to attract viewers. This theme allows the film to get very action packed at the same time as it may also stir up some emotions. But the book I have read differs from these movies in a way; it doesn’t follow the kidnapee or the parents an awful lot, but instead brings us along with very powerful men with great influence of how the country is being run during the period of the negotiation. He takes the popular Hollywood production, but on various occasions he puts in a twist in the story, and suddenly everything has changed. I would say it is very...
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