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The Negative Influence of Internet

Topics: Internet, History of the Internet / Pages: 3 (637 words) / Published: May 13th, 2013
Nowadays, along with the universality of the computer, internet plays a vital role in our life. Meanwhile, the topic about whether the internet is beneficial to young people is mired in controversy. Because of its function of instant, widespread approachability and recreation, internet indeed offers benefits to people but it also raises many issues. This essay will discuss the problems that the internet presents for young people and provide some considerable solutions.

The first severe issue is that the internet could cause the social isolation, which means the interpersonal contact will become distant. Internet use replaces face-to-face interactions which let young people to alienate their families and friends. Many of them even believe their best friends are people who maintain the close contact with them on internet. Although they even have never seen each other, the young still prefers spending more time on those people because they can have an unrestricted conversation. Under the circumstance, the young people will loss their previous talking ability and have no courage to face the public. Finally, the teenagers who deeply depend on internet will be segregated by the society.

Another problem aroused by internet is the sexual grooming. Through chatting online, young people can make friends with little hindrance. And teenagers are so young that they have no sense of self-preservation, therefore, young people can be easily persuaded by ‘internet predators’ to take part in their meeting. In this case, many of them could be ‘groomed’ for sex. As a result, their body and psychology are received the enormous wound, which will affect their future life. Evidence shows that sexual grooming for adolescents had been ranked as the most dangerous online crime in 2004. Thus, using internet without limits will cause the high frequency of sexual crime for young people.

With the enormity of the internet problem increasing by the day, many people are being to make efforts to reduce some risks that the young faces on internet by a host of effective actions. Among them, parental supervision and the filters are the top two.

To begin, there is no denying that parental supervision could efficiently protect their child from the risk of the internet. Parents should keep a little healthy doubt towards their children, for example, searching websites especially some social sites that they perhaps have registered. For this the parents can easily find whether their kids skim the harmful information or maintain a close relationship with someone on the internet. Therefore, the youngster’s behavior which is not beneficial for themselves will be strictly restrained by their parents. Another proposal for parents is that they should spend time talking about the risk of the use of internet with their children, thus the kid will receive the correct messages and values, which could increase their self-prevention consciousness.

The last but not the least, the filters plays an important role in the field of solving the internet issues. The government establishes the big fire wall on internet that searches websites whether it is conducive to the young. In this case, many websites which spread harmful and unhealthy information through internet to the youngsters will be fined a large amount of money. This is a form of effective filtering as well. In addition, people use the filtering software program to block access to these websites. With the help of the software, for example, some viruses which damage personal computers will be suppressed.

To sum up, some problems presented by internet are significant that causes a host of harm for the young people both physically and psychologically. Although the situation is serious, but it has attracted much attention from people, especially parents. And these people are taking some responsibility for decreasing the influence of internet on their children. As a result, the internet issues will be effectively controlled.

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