The Negative Impact of an Athlete’s Large Salary

Topics: Heisman Trophy, O. J. Simpson, Kobe Bryant Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Michaella Daniels
Ms. Olivares
Advanced American Literature
18 Feb. 2008
The Negative Impact of an Athlete’s Large Salary
Star athletes have a role in our society that many never asked for or hoped to obtain. They are seen as heroes in the eyes of many and in hopes to shed this image they do crimes most perceive unthinkable. They are the highlight of the American society and can do absolutely no wrong. Despite the offense and level of intensity of the crime the athlete will not be punished based on his crime; ironically, he will gain the lack of punishment from his star status. Whether professional athletes like it or not they are role models and should act as such.

The stake for a great athlete is extremely high and is steadily rising. Coaches and team owners will go to great lengths to obtain the next Michael Jordon or Sammy Sosa. They will pay the highest price for a fast runner or superior pitcher. In 2003, the minimum salary for a first- year professional football player was $225, 000 (Scott 42). For someone with a passion for the sport this is an enormous amount of money to do something they love. Salaries of professional athletes continue to increase; in 2001, baseball player Alex Rodriguez signed a nine year, 250 million dollar contract (Elert). As their income increases, so does the price of a ticket to the games. Americans love their sportspersons and glorify them far more than any other profession. Jose Canseco received the baseball leagues maximum pay of $2,500 per month (Cooper). Over the expanse of 30 years the pay of a professional baseball player has risen from $19,000 to $ 1, 383,578 and so the ticket price has soared, but people gladly pay to see their all-stars in action. Who more that an American places athletes on such a high pedestal that he may receive pay such as this? We are the most high strung on idolizing sports participants.

With the high salary and glorified position comes an unspoken privilege. This privilege is well...
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