The Negative Effects Of Television And Its Effects On Society

Pages: 6 (1323 words) Published: November 11, 2015

It is the 21st century. Humans have evolved way advanced than it was before. Humans have created countless amounts of things that we could not even think of doing a hundred years back. Electronic television was first successfully demonstrated in San Francisco on Sept. 7, 1927. The system was designed by Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a 21-year-old inventor who had lived in a house without electricity until he was 14. There are countless of channels that can all seem to cater to each individual. There are four main walks of life - childhood, adolescent, adulthood and elders. The children go more towards the cartoons and animation and the teenagers would prefer the romantic film, horror film and even start to be brave by watching movies that has an...

Their brain works different as they need more time to develop and process things. Though the television might be useful in terms of learning new things and new words, it might affect the mind, making them think that sitting there all day might benefit them. It then climbs its way to be an everyday thing where the programs are set to be viewed on certain times of the day. Watching television from such a young age will destroy the development of having an adventurous mind and will take over the sense of enjoying it themselves rather than just to experience it through the glass screen of the television where the only thing you will see are just mere pigments of what really happened. In the end, the physiology of the body will be disrupted. The downside of watching too much television is that it will make the children less creative and more passive where they refuse to leave the spot and would rather just ask someone near them to fetch necessities for them. Thus, engendering the effects on the body-activity to malfunction. The body monitors and handles the distribution of energy where it needs the most of it. When you just sit there and watch, your body will get confused and the energy distribution will go haywire as it doesn’t have the proper direction to go anywhere where work is being done and needs...

It is terrifying of how obtrusive it is through the naked eye. They rather sit in on the couch and watch the soap operas all day long rather than to socialize. They say watching the TV programs are where all the inhibitions start to fade. It is a somewhat sanctuary for them, a place to relax and enjoy themselves. They should realize how egregious their ways of thinking really are. It has been a great deal of help. As the French idiom goes, “Enlever une epine du pied aquelqu’un” which easily translates ‘to help’, the television has helped us a number of times. But, it has come to a time where it limits us. A picnic is no longer fun, a gathering is no longer enjoyable and family time turns sour. The television has its way to claw itself in our minds and sadly, we give in to the bait. Discussions have turned grey. The mindset is being fickle and changed that we are somehow living through the movies and shows that we often watch. Some youths cannot even do well is functions because they are not used to the environment. Being left alone to fill the void of emotions effects the way of a person from the inside. The television has been engendering and triggering the mental illnesses of everyone. Social anxiety and depression often goes back to the roots of it because our emotions tend to follow the media and the shows and the movies showed from, yes, you’ve guessed it- The...
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