The Negative Effects of Sopa and Pipa

Topics: History of the Internet, Internet, MySpace Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The Negative Effects of SOPA and PIPA
As one of the most significant inventions of the human being, the Internet enormously changed people's lives. We can enjoy quantities of free and abundant resources from the Internet. Like most of netizen, I am used to watch videos in Youtube and gain knowledge by google and wikipedia. It is hard to imagine how inconvenient our life will be without the convenient Internet. Unfortunately, this situation would be changed by two bills -SOPA and PIPA. Here is an article wrote by Adam Dach in talk about them. In the begining, the writer talks about that although the aim of the two bills sounds like very mildly and positive, but, actually they will be due to seriously adverse effects on the use of the Internet. Also, it detailed introduce the contents of the two bills and show some opinions and examples to illustrate that the ills are problematic in these aspects. 1-One of the crucial parts of SOPA and PIPA, blocking the domain name of websites is useless because netizens can still access these web sites via IP address. 2-The bills is unfair because they will damage the rights of other companies which do not relate with the infringement, because the rights holder would be allowed to cut of the source of funding of any potentially infringing website This means any other companies doing business with this site would have to stop. Whether that means advertising, links in search engines, or any additional listings would have to be removed. 3-The two bills provide a means to censor the tools that provided a way for the infringing content rather than the content itself. We can see all of those problems will put a lot of power in the hands of rights holders and has significant potential for abuse and would damage the benefits of netizens. That is why the netizens should oppose to SOPA and PIPA and the writer suggests American citizens to call their congressperson to show their position on the bills and...
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