The Negative Effects of Advertisements on Women.

Topics: Eating disorders, African American, Advertising, Anorexia nervosa, Nutrition / Pages: 8 (1881 words) / Published: Aug 17th, 2013
At the beginning of this year we were assigned the project to pick a topic that is a big argument amoung a lot of people. The first thing I thought about was abortion and how it is such a hot subject for so many women. I wanted to choose it because I have very strong opinions on the matter. But then I was told it was overdone and I had to choose another topic. So I was thinking what could I choose that was relatable to women in the same way abortion was. Something that affects all women young and old that could help to educate me and make me a better advocate for voicing the opinions of so many other women like me. I started to think about who speaks to women these days. Who tells them what they should and shouldn’t do? What they should and shouldn’t look like. Basically telling them what kind of a person they should be. And there was only one answer. The Media. We get all of our information from sources that have biased opinions and non-existent moral-compass. How can we trust the people who are telling our young children from the time they’re born that they are not good enough? The simple answer is: We can’t. And the biggest problem is Advertisements. We see Advertisements everywhere. In 1988 it was estimated that the average American is exposed to over 37,000 advertisements each year through the medium of television alone. The number of 30-secound commercials seen in a year by the average child is 20,000 The number of TV commercials seen by the average person by the age 65 is 2 million. And the percentage of TV news broadcasts devoted to advertising is 30% (Nielson, consumer confidence revealed) On the television, we see ads of all kinds flashing before our eyes, telling us we aren’t skinny enough, or we aren’t fit enough. We don’t own the right car, computer, and house. That they know better than us about what is beautiful, what is smart, and what is “cool”. And there is Radio, if you are listening to the radio, you cannot get through five songs without

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