The Need to Satisfy (Advertisement Appeals)S

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Harley Owners Group Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Professor Donovan
English 102 (29)
Paper #1: Analysis
07 February 2012
The Need to Satisfy
For years, people in general have often wanted to feel free, but also do it in a way that society accepted. Many have sat and wondered what ways this could be done and/or possible. They often think about what they can buy or do to accomplish this feeling or need. It seems that in the end, a person goes out and buys a motorcycle, with specific regards to the “Harley Davidson.” Weather it caught your attention through curiosity or simply the need to achieve your feeling of freedom, Harley Davidson Motorcycles can help you accomplish both.

According to “Fowles”, the need to satisfy curiosity is a basic motive, but this need can be as primal and compelling as any other motive (552). As “Fowles” also states, “Human beings are curious by nature, interested in the world around them, and intrigued by tidbits of knowledge and new developments (552). Furthermore, “Fowles” says that the need for attention is having the desire to exhibit ourselves in such a way as to make others look at us in a primitive, insuppressible instinct (550). As individuals, do we not usually look at bikers or motorcyclists as attention getters?

In this advertisement that I have chosen, “Harley Davidson,” clearly wants to grab your attention by putting all the pieces and parts of one of their motorcycles into the shape of a human face. By doing this, the company has created an attention getter as well as maybe even fulfilled your question or curiosity of what is involved in a motorcycle. However the company chose its tactics, Harley Davidson did make this advertisement appealing to its readers.

Harley Davidsons’ writers and/or editors choose to lay the engine, body, and frame parts in a human face form to “grab our attention.” Now if you are just reading a magazine or looking at random pictures on a website and were to come across this advertisement, you are probably going to stop, even...

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