The Need for Sick Child Care

Topics: Employment, Day care, Cost Pages: 3 (570 words) Published: July 10, 2010
October 24, 2008
To: VP of Human Resource

From: Cindy Nguyen

Subject: The Need for Sick Child Care

Day Care is a part of all working parents in the United States. There is a huge unmet need for sick child care. Working mothers become absent from work due to the fact that their children are not allowed to attend regular child care programs. More than 350,000 children under the age of 14 years of age are too sick to attend school or day care.

When one of the workers needs to leave suddenly to take care of a sick child, the employers are usually less than thrilled. Parents of sick children may also face the angry employers, and in the process have their paychecks docked for missed work, and they still have to pay the daycare fees even if the child is absent or can’t stay in the daycare.

Providers, parents, child care professionals and employers don’t realize the need for sick child care programs due to the fact that there’s a lack of information, lack of licensing procedures for sick child care, difficulty getting insurance, and the funding challenges.

Employers need information on how their support of sick child care services could help reduce workers absenteeism costs. You could save costs of a replacement or lost work-time when an employee uses a sick child care program rather than the worker staying home with a child. Sick child care programs can provide an alternative for days when a child is mildly ill.

The National Association for Sick Child Daycare (NASCD) is a non-profit, educational organization that is designed to quantify the need for sick child care. They support the establishment of high quality sick child care programs nationwide. They also promote the establishment of new sick child care services by researching and disseminating needed information and promote and participate in sick child care research. They will provide as much information as needed.

There are some disadvantages of a sick child care program. Some...
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