The Need for Appreciation (a Reflection to "Flight Patterns")

Topics: Appreciation, Positive psychology, Value investing Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: September 30, 2008
Appreciation: gratitude, or thankful recognition; the act of understanding the qualities of things and giving them their proper value. Whether it is received or given, wanted or not, appreciation is a universal need shared by all people. In the case of William Loman, in “Flight Patterns,” his character defies and ignores the concept of appreciation. Convinced by his pride in himself, his heritage, and for his family, William fails to see any need to be appreciated or to appreciate. However, after the impact of a stranger's life story, William's narrow mindedness soon turns into compassion with a new perspective. A perspective that allows him to realize the importance of appreciation. William Loman was a man dedicated to his family, but more so to his work. “He hated to leave, but he loved his work. He was a man, and men need to work” (Alexie 39). Although he loved his family, his love was unfortunately portrayed through pride alone. He was proud of his family, but at the same time did not realize how much they meant to him. Because of the lack of this realization, his relationship with his family was detached. He maintained a ceratin distance that was always hidden behind verbal affection. His wife made it clear that she needed more from him. “'Stay home, stay home,' she chanted and wrapped herself tighter around him... He pulled away from her, dropping her back onto the bed, and stepped away” (Alexie 39). Intensly focused on his work, he did not see the need to focus on his family. Pride towards his family did not stop there, it extended over to himself. William thought highly of himself, and as a far better off person than most people. He often had daydreams emphasizing his heritage and who he is. “He wanted his fellow travelers to know exactly who he was: I am a Native American and therefore have ten thousand more reasons to terrorize the U.S. than any of those Taliban jerk-offs, but I have chosen instead to become a civic American citizen, so all of you white...
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