The need and benefits of Training

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Answer sheet:

5. Examine the need and benefits of Training:-

A) Need for training:
Training is essential for overall success of any organization, it is required because of following reasons: 1) Job Requirement:-
In order to perform job in a better way an employee needs certain skill set, therefore in order to impart such skill set to an employee training is needed. Training can be given in order to bridge the following gaps.

a. Lack of qualifications: - Employees selected for a particular job might lack the qualifications to perform the job effectively. .

b. Inexperienced employees: - New and inexperienced employees need more detailed instructions for successful job performance.

c. Remedial training: - Remedial trainings are given to such experienced employees in case there past experience, attitudes and behavior patterns which might be inappropriate to new organization.

d. Orientation training for new employees: - In order to get acquainted with job and organization 2) Technological changes:-

a. Automation and Mechanization in offices and service sector b. Fast changing technology requires new technology training e.g. computerization in public sector. c. To reap benefits of latest technology.

3) Organizational Viability:-

a. Globalization and liberalization: Training enables an employee to adapt with continually changing environment, it also helps business firms in expansion, their growth and cope with diversification. b. Training enhances capabilities of employees to face international competition. c. Refresher training: Refresher training is given to existing employees to keep them abreast of knowledge

d. Prevent obsolescence of skills.
e. Second line of command to meet future needs
4) Internal mobility: -

Training is also needed in case of internal movement of employees from one unit to other or...
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