The Necessity of Morals and Civic Responsibility Within Public Universities

Topics: University, College, Education Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: October 23, 2005
The Necessity of Morals and Civic Responsibility within Public Universities
Many assume that teaching morals and civic responsibility is the soul duty of a family and occurs during the early stages of life. Morals and civic responsibility are apart of our lives from the time we are born until our demise. Even individuals that are brought up in environments that may not be considered the best also develop their own ideas towards moral and civic responsibility. While it is true that individuals develop their own sense of morals and civic responsibility from their families and environments, they can also stand to have these ideas reinforced within them from the public university or college that they attend. By the time many individuals reach the college level many have formed their own beliefs when it comes to morals and civic responsibility. But there are others that come to college without having any form of morals and civic responsibility. These students should have the opportunity to get insight into this. Colleges and universities are meant to educate individuals as well as prepare them for the "real-world." Universities would not be completely fulfilling their responsibilities if they did not give students the opportunity to get insight into what morals and civic responsibilities are. Having morals and civic responsibility as part of the curriculum in public universities will offer students that come into college with their own conceptions and beliefs of what morals are an opportunity to possibly receive different opinions and perspectives of what morals are. Students that enter into college without any conception or belief of morals will have the opportunity to gain knowledge into the issue of morals and civic responsibility. This exposure can ultimately assist in leading individuals to developing their own morals. The community of educators is divided on the...
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