The Navy's Fraternization Policy

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Navy Ethics

Michael D. Runels

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The purpose of this essay is to discus my opinion on the Navy’s fraternization policy’s and how they affect everyone that works for or around the Navy.

The Navy’s Fraternization Policy

I work for the US Navy. The Navy has many policies rules regulations concerning the proper governance of its most important asset it’s employees; the men and women of the US Navy. The Navy employs over 340,000 sailors in addition to more than 200,000 civilian employees. Since its birth on Oct 13, 1775 the US Navy has become the most advanced naval force that the world has ever seen. The Navy now has over 280 war ships and over 3,700 airplanes. The Navy is a worldwide organization. It now has people on every continent and almost every ocean.

[1]In my opinion the Navy’s policy on fraternization is a ridged and unforgiving policy. In my opinion the policy is almost never completely possible to follow to the letter of the Navy law. This makes this policy in my opinion an extreme ethical delima.

If you take the size of the Navy and the amount of money it takes to run such a large company it becomes clear that it is necessary to have a strong set of rules and regulation to keep the organization running at its peek compasity. The Navy falls under the Uniform Code Of Military Justice. The Navy’s fraternization policy is a large multifaceted program. It’s important to start by defining how the rules are defined in reguards to fraternization . Personal relationships between Chief petty officers in pay grade E-7 to E-9 and junior personnel in pay grade E-l to E-6, who are assigned to the same command, that are unduly familiar and that do not respect differences in grade or rank are prohibited. Likewise, personal relationships that are unduly familiar between staff/instructor...
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