The nature versus nurture debate

Topics: Nature versus nurture, The Nurture Assumption, Human nature Pages: 4 (1128 words) Published: November 19, 2014
The nature versus nurture debate:
The nature versus nurture debate was founded by Francis Galton in the 19th century. It basically states that all of your attributes are either hereditary or environmentally. There are many theories that have challenges the nature versus nurture theory. For example; some of the theories state that there are different kinds of attributes such as life experiences, how our parents raise us, what we are taught at school and our cultural backgrounds. It is obvious that we are born with some of our parents attributes, for example your parents may both have long legs that you inherited, but things like perhaps a love of poetry or your sexual preference weren’t inherited, and have influenced your personality from your surroundings. There are lots of identical twins separated at birth that reunite as adults to find they had been using the same brand of toothpaste or have named their dogs the same names. This proves the nature theory, proving that attributes are founded at birth. But other scientists are taking this further and into ethical questions such as “what if serial killers were born to commit their crimes?” The most current nature versus nurture debate is whether the “gay gene" exists or not. This would suggest that homosexuality is no more a choice than eye colour. There are also attributes that are a mixture of nature and nurture, such as: Personality:

Nurture - often there are similarities and differences that come from your parents. Nature – Children develop personalities and lean towards certain behaviours such as shyness and anger. It sometimes cannot be explained because the parents sometimes don’t have these traits. Homosexuality:

Nurture – It’s widely seen that it is a humans choice to be a homosexual, where as some people believe that it’s to do with someone’s upbringing.

Nature – People believe that homosexuality is genetic, like your foot size or eye colour. The argument for this is the perspective that...
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