The Nature of Stress Experienced During Cramming in Relation to Test: Taking Performance

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Cramming has been thought of as a functional means of studying especially in College l where the time constraints usually is the main concern of the students when it comes to learning, performance and projects. However, according to studies, cramming is not a reliable way of learning for it doesn’t allow enough time for the knowledge to be integrated into memory therefore cramming produces mediocre or average results.

Tolerance to Stress, on the other hand varies among individuals. One can understand stress as a positive drive which motivates individuals to perform better despite the underlying stress that is present. Stress can be a negative drive that can hinder the individual’s ability to perform and function efficiently. Thus, stress can either help or hinder the body’s ability to perform intellectually.

Take note as well that memory plays a vital role in a college student’s life. According to the Theory of Consolidation (E. Muller and A. Pilzecker 1900), topics need to be reviewed over time so that it can be integrated into the human mind, and having the usual time constraints of a college student, thus students resort to cramming.

The researchers observed that nowadays, students are lacking in time management skills. They tend to overlook the time allotted for them to study and thus review in the nick of time, resulting in half-baked results. Also, the time allotted for the subject matter is quite short as well, thus making the lectures hastier and results leads the students to having a hard time grasping the subject matter completely.

The understanding of stress, implication of cramming and memory, led the researchers to come up with a research that dwells on the importance of cramming in the individual’s ability to perform intellectually and understanding the necessity of viewing stress as a positive or a negative drive. Setting of the Study

The researchers conducted the study among the third year B.S. Psychology students enrolled during...
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