The Nature of Good and Evil

Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: March 25, 2013
The Nature of Good and Evil
From the moment you were born, good and evil did not matter to you. As a child, your journey was not determined yet. People develop their own perceptions of what is right and wrong, as they grow up, through their experiences. What a person sees as evil and wrong could be different than how others view it. A person cannot rightfully understand what it means to be good unless they can avoid evil. To truly avoid being evil, one must learn to stay true to their ideals, goals, and relationships. The journey to good starts with the choices that will shape you for the rest of your life. An image of a new-born baby can be used as a symbol to represent good things such as: the untouched, purity, and innocence. Such description is titled under a new-born because when a baby is born, its sensory motors are heightened due to the incapability of sight. As from what I remembered, the inability of sight can also possibly symbolize another aspect of purity in a way where one is not able to see the impurities of another. A new-born child can also be represented as innocence. Once a baby is born, people keep babies indoors and out of harm and danger. A baby also can resemble an awareness of the purity and innocence being able to be easily broken, because of the fragility of an infant. Therefore, a new-born baby can generally symbolize purity, innocence, and untouched; however, it can also emphasize the fragility of the nature of good in such a way where if a single influence is displayed, one can easily learn and assimilate rapidly and change. With the society in which we live in today, the mass media plays a big role upon how an individual thinks, dresses, and acts. The media industry has become overpopulated by the dominance of men, thus demeaning women into several bad images. Women today are represented as sex symbols in music videos. If not, represented as a sex symbol, women are set on a high expectation to become model-like figures in order to...
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