The Nature of Geography

Topics: Oceanography, Meteorology, Volcano Pages: 4 (1181 words) Published: August 20, 2013
The Nature of Geography
What Do Geographers Do?
A volcanologist is a geographer who specialises in working with volcanoes. Their responsibilities range from observing volcanic eruptions, to monitoring volcanoes, to analysing samples of rock from volcanoes and even predicting when the next eruption of a dormant volcano may occur. In a typical day of a volcanologist, one analyse data collected by others and manipulate it with the use of a computer. On the other hand, a volcanologist may also expect to be outside hiking a dormant volcano, taking various notes, photos, sketches and sampling rocks and lava, all of which may be forwarded to those working in an office, for perhaps periods of 2-3 months. It is however very dependent on the weather of the location. Meteorologist

Meteorologists study atmospheric sciences and they perform a wide range of tasks, such as predicting weather patterns, measuring temperatures, air pressures and also includes broadcasting the analysed data to the public in a simple-to-understand way. However, they are only part of a wide spectrum in meteorology. Other meteorologists may include those involved in archive meteorology, which involves researching, verifying and reporting on past weather-related events. Meteorologists may also become teachers and professors in the field of specialty. The ‘typical weather forecaster’ may expect to work in a studio with various trackers and tools, then later working in a studio, interpreting the weather patterns displayed for the public. Most of the time, a meteorologist will use a computer, to manipulate data collected by other tools, devices and instruments, such as satellites, gauges and meters. Beware, meteorologists are not to be confused with climatologists, who study the long term trends rather than short term weather changes, as meteorologists do. Demographer

A demographer is not exactly your typical geographer. Instead, of studying the land, a demographer focuses on humans...

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