The Natural Environment

Topics: Pollution, Petroleum, Greenhouse gas Pages: 4 (1604 words) Published: March 14, 2013
The natural environmental problem is the one of the most important problem to impact our world. Some problems are very famous like “global warming” and “Marine pollution”. We usually the government determine to spend millions or billions dollars to curb environmental pollution from news. In fact, we can save the money because we always curb environmental pollution after we did it. The natural environmental problem was already permeated our life. We almost can find it everywhere. For example, in the poem, “The Fish,” we can find some environmental pollution: “I stared and stared/and victory filled up/the little rented boat,/from the pool of bilge/where oil had spread a rainbow/around the rusted engine/to the bailer rusted orange,/the sun-cracked thwarts,/the oarlocks on their strings,/the gunnels--until everything/was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!/And I let the fish go. (Bishop lines 65-76) We can see the oil, the garbage killed many animals in every second. We can see the “Deep-water Horizon oil spills.” It was happened in 2010. We create a huge disaster in the sea by a small error. People always want to protect animals when they will be endangered, or protect environment after it has been broken. Like the example of I said, after the oil spills, only the thousands death animals’ body can help us remember our error. “From that database, we know that the NNE octant of the Gulf (that area containing the Deep Horizon oil spill) contains 8332 species of plants and animals. Including only the major taxa of animals at all depths in the region of the spill, there are 1461 mollusks, 604 polychaetes, 1503 crustaceans, 1270 fishes, 4 sea turtles, 218 birds and 29 marine mammal species.” (Shirley) We know it is a beautiful place and many animals live at there, but let’s read what we saw after the oil spills “The latest numbers are: 6,104 dead birds, 609 dead sea turtles and 100 dead mammals, including dolphins.” (Day) That is not all of the hurt of we created. The oil can cut...

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