The National Cupcake Week

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National Cupcake Week begins next month
The National cupcake week will held between 16 to 22 September 2013.

The annual National Cupcake Week is just around the corner. A cupcake  or knows as fairy cake is a small cake designed to serve one person, which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup. This event is designed to help promote the popularity of cupcakes in order to help bakery businesses boost their sales. This event is designed for the entire baking industry and able to make the most of their popularity by promoting NCW to their customers, and encouraging them to come in and buy a cupcake.


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The organizer also encouraging bakers to use the week to raise vital funds for charity CLIC Sargent, through fundraising during the week, or donating a percentage of their sales to the charity for children and young people with cancer and their families.

Besides the National Cupcake Week itself, the event have organize an annual competition - National Cupcake Championships, which serves to celebrate and reward the talent in the cupcake industry. Last year , Victoria Made, Sheffield had been awarded as one of the classic cupcake of the year Valrhona Chocolate Mud Cake with Figs.

This year, there are more than 300 participant take part in this event. The initial judging will be taking place on 6 September, with the finalists to be announced on the first day of National Cupcake Week - Monday 16 September.

Any further information by calling CLIC Sargent on 08451 206 658 or emailing
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