The Naked Ape Book Review

Topics: Human, Animal, Primate Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 2, 2013
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This book is not Harry Potter, but it is pretty magical in its own way. The first chapter called Origins draws the reader’s attention by explaining how humans evolved from jungle dwellers into the bipedal hunting beasts that humans have become today. The next chapter on sex explains how humans are different from every other species because humans go through extensive pair-formation, pre-copulatory activity, and then into intense copulation. The chapter on rearing follows, and it is where Desmond Morris explains how a mothers intuition is still present in today’s society and humans can see this in the fact that women hold their babies over there heart no matter what their dominate hand is. In the following chapter on exploration, Morris enlightens his audience in the sense that humans are innovative creatures and the reason they are dominate in today’s world is because they never stopped learning how to better themselves in the long run. The next chapter on fighting explains how people fight with each other in more than one way and that is for establishing a hierarchy and the other way is to establish territorial rights over a certain piece of ground. The chapter on feeding follows and it shows how people in today’s society still have primitive urges to defeat there rivals to better not only themselves, but their families as well. In chapter 7 on comfort; Morris explains how humans need to stay physically healthy and the way that people do that is by cleaning themselves and some people have their primitive urge to even extend that kind act onto others by helping others stay clean and healthy. In the final chapter on animals, Morris sums up his book by explaining how humans classify animals into different categories than other animals do and that is because humans have passed up other animals and have begun doing things such as domesticating their animals which is something that no other animal has done.

The Naked Ape makes people...
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