The Myth of Secure Computing

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The Myth of Secure Computing

Case Analysis Report

Digital security….the term is almost a paradox in that there is no such thing as security when it comes to secure computing. At best, threats to digital security can be lessened and sometimes prevented but there is no such thing as an impenetrable defense. Corporations are constantly plagued by computer viruses and hacker attacks are on the rise leaving corporate networks vulnerable. It is estimated that 90% of all businesses every year are affected by security breaches to the tune of some $17 billion. Beyond the enormous costs that can easily wipe out a company’s IT budget, there are far-reaching business repercussions. Day-to-day business operations can be disrupted, customers alienated and a Company’s once good reputation tarnished. With the emerging security threats from a Company’s insiders to the sophisticated cyber terrorist, security breaches are clearly on the rise.

This dilemma obviously requires the expertise of smart IT technicians to take care of the situation. After all, what busy executive has the time to learn such specialized knowledge? Just hire the smartest IT specialists to handle the possibility of an intruder. Herein lays the greatest risk - leaving a company’s digital security to an IT Department or IT manager alone.

At first glance this seems reasonable. IT techs have the formal training and expert skills. Should a breach occur, they are the ones to face the bully. IT Managers ward off and should the need arise, slay the dragon and clean up the mess. So problem solved. To many executives it may appear to be a waste of money to invest in digital security. Beyond being technically complicated, it is also invisible; you know you’ve successfully succeeded in warding off the intruders when nothing happens. So is it any surprise when executives handoff responsibility to hired consultants or in-house technicians to protect the Company’s information assets? It may...
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