The Myth of Isis and Osiris

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7 November 2014

The Myth of Isis and Osiris
One of the most famous families of gods is the children of Geb and Nut, who are Osiris, Isis, Seth , and Nephthys. People probably know of these gods more than others because of the famous myth of Isis and Osiris. Isis and Osiris is an Egyptian myth of creation. It is a very intriguing story about how they live and rule Egypt. Isis and Osiris are Gods and I will begin my essay on this family of gods.

The story begins with an Egyptian God named Geb, and Nut. Geb was the God of earth and Nut is the God of the sky. It was believed that every night Nut swallowed the sun. Then in the morning, Nut would give birth to it like a child. Then Geb and Nut had two daughters and two sons. Isis and Nephthys were their daughters, and Set and Osiris were their sons. When they grew up, Nephthys married Set and Isis married Osiris. Which I think it is weird but since they are Gods I think it is ok. Osiris was the oldest and became king of Egypt. Osiris was given the fruit, plants, seeds, and rich soil. He later became the god of the underworld, being the first to have lived after death. Osiris was often shown as a bull or looking somewhat like a mummy. Osiris has green skin, which I find it to be very interesting. Set was given the desert and sands, where nothing could grow. He caused the sandstorms and swirling sand in the desert. He liked the darkness at night and the salt in the sea. He could take the form of a crocodile, or a hippopotamus. The two sister Nephthys and Isis were very close. They were so close they were like the same being. Nephthys liked the darkness and the dark moon, but Isis liked the light and the full and new moon. Isis could be a cow, star or tree. I find to be interesting and she controlled the rain, and moisture. Nephthys was the goddess of the underworld. She was also the mother of Anubis with Set or Osiris, depending on the version of the story. Isis was the mother of Horus with Osiris. Anubis is often shown as a jackal, and Horus is shown as a hawk. Set was always jealous of Osiris, because he did not command the respect of those on earth or those in the netherworld. Set has red eyes and looks very evil from his appearance so the people was very frighting from him. One day Seth plotted against Osiris. Isis was always on guard for Osiris because she recognized Seth jealousy. Osisris held a large banquet for his court, and despite Isis’ wishes, Seth was also invited, Seth boasted to Osiris of a wonderful coffin that he had been giving, made of the finest wood, painted and glided. Then later Osiris asked Seth to bring it in for everyone to see it. When the coffin was delivered, Seth promised to give it to whoever fit into the coffin. Everyone tried to fit into the coffin, but no one was able; But Seth knew that Osiris is the only one who can truly fit in the coffin. Since everyone tried to fit in the coffin and failed, Osiris decided to try himself, but once he lay inside the coffin. Seth quickly ran towards the coffin and nailed the lid shut. Everyone panicked and try to prevent the trap but Seth’s guards held back the people of Egypt. Seth ends up throwing the coffin into the River Nile. Isis was heart broken and immediately set off to find him. The Coffin floated down the river for many months until it came to rest under a tree growing on the banks of the river in the distant land of Byblos. Isis found this out from rumors and came there in disguise. As the years past the tree grew large and beautiful and the chest became embed and hidden inside the trunk of the tree. One day the King of Byblos was out hunting and noticed the beautiful tree growing by the riverbank. He had it cut down and taken to the palace to be made into a pillar. Since Isis was in the land of Byblos in disguise, she teaches women how to dress their hair and how to use fragrant perfumes. The Queen of Byblos invites Isis to the palace to look...
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