The Mysterious Benedict Society

Topics: Auburn hair, The Whisperer, Black hair Pages: 6 (1235 words) Published: November 4, 2008
Title: The Mysterious Benedict Society
Author: Trenton Lee Stewart
a. Place:
1. Stonetown
2. Nomansan Island
3. Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened
b. Time: Alternate universe
1. Reynard "Reynie" Mudloon- an average-looking, eleven-year-old boy with above average smarts and leadership skills. He has a knack for solving even the most complex puzzles.

2. George "Sticky" Washington- a stick-thin, eleven-year-old boy with tea colored skin and a bald head. But he doesn't get the nickname Sticky for being thin as a stick. He's Sticky because everything he reads sticks to his mind. He is very, very intelligent but he is a bit of a coward.

3. Kate Wetherall- a tall, broad-shouldered twelve-year-old who is very resourceful and agile. She carries a bucket which holds an assortment of things. Her bucket helps her out in tricky situations. She also has a talent for knowing the weights and lengths of things.

4. Constance Contraire- a diminutive girl with a massive stubborn streak. Constance has wispy blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She has a talent for poems and is more gifted than she seems.

5. Mr. Nicholas Benedict- He is the reason why the Mysterious Benedict Society was formed. He found out the plans of Mr. Curtain but no one would believe him. He has narcolepsy, which is triggered by laughter in his case.

6. Number Two- a woman with a yellowish complexion, rusty-red hair and a stiff posture. She never sleeps and needs to eat very often. She was the proctor for the series of tests and she is Mr. Benedict's assistant and adopted daughter.

7. Rhonda Kazembe- a very short woman with coal-black skin and hair. She is originally from Zambia and, like Number Two, she is Mr. Benedict's assistant and adopted sister

8. Milligan- Mr. Curtain's bodyguard. He has a profoundly sad expression. He was captured by Mr. Curtain who erased some of his memories.

9. Ledroptha Curtain- he is the founder of the Living Institute for the Very Enlighted. He sends out subliminal messages from the Institute. Mr. Curtain wears silver reflected glasses and plaid green suits and looks identical to Mr. Benedict. He has narcolepsy which is triggered by anger.

10. Ms. Perumal- Reynie's tutor and great friend who speaks and teaches Tamil. She later adopts Reynie.

12. Jackson- a stocky Executive with blue eyes, red hair and a knife-like nose. He considers himself smarter than he is and is naturally cruel but thinks he's decent.

13. Jillson- a powerfully built Executive with brown hair and piggish eyes of an indeterminate color.

14. S.Q. Pedalian- a good-natured Executive with gigantic feet. He is probably the kindest of all Executives, maybe because he is sort of dim witted.

15. Martina Crowe- a Messenger turned Executive with piercing eyes and raven-black hair. She makes the children's stay at the Institute miserable and more troublesome.

Vocabulary Words

Main Entry
1. narcolepsy
a condition characterized by brief attacks of deep sleep
2. frenetic
frenzied, frantic
3. precipice
a very steep or overhanging place ; a hazardous situation
4. stymie
1:to present an obstacle to 2: stand in the way of
5. belligerent
inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility or combativeness 6. discombobulate
to confuse or upset
7. pernicious
highly injurious or destructive : deadly
8. flummox
\'flə-məks, -miks\
to confuse
9. askance
1:with a side-glance : obliquely 2 : with disapproval or distrust : scornfully 10. daft
\'daft also 'däft\
a: silly , foolish b: mad , insane


After seeing a bizarre advertisement on the newspaper which said “Are you a...
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